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Team Tesfa

Team Tesfa is a professional track team in Addis Ababa,set up and sponsored by the Tesfa Foundation in 2007. It was founded as a means to reach out to teenage girls at risk. Currently, the team consists of 25 young athletes and a professional coach.

Every year thousands of teenage girls come to Addis Ababa from the surrounding regions to train as athletes,hoping to escape poverty through their talent. They hope for education and employment in the capital city.

The majority have no friends or family to support them. Many of these girls will be victims of sexual violence. Many will be forced into servitude and prostitution in order to survive.

The athletic team provides a support structure in a dangerous and alienating environment. The aim is to create a programme that provides vulnerable young girls with the skills and confidence to lift themselves out of poverty.

We want to secure funding to take this project to the next stage, providing vocational education, travelling expenses and nutritious food to the girls on the team.



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