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Old Sarum School


In September 2009, Tesfa UK opened a new, early years school, Old Sarum, in the Mercato district of Addis Ababa.The school educates some of the most needy children in the area.

The opening of Old Sarum was made possible due to the inspired fundraising efforts of Nathalie and Gareth Allexant-Rowland and the generosity of Janey Francis and the local village and primary school of Downton in Salisbury. Their inspired giving is changing lives!


After hearing their story, Janey Francis helped enormously by making a very generous donation in memory of her parents who taught in Africa. In total, they all raised over £6,000! The school Old Sarum has been named after the traditional name for Salisbury, where Nathalie and Gareth live.

In February 2010, Chris Treter, a fair trade coffee roaster in the USA heard about the Old Sarum School. He has since donated funds to establish for a lunchtime food programme for the children there. This programme complements the inspiring standard of education being provided at the school by locally recruited teaching staff.


Old Sarum School opened in Mercato in September 2009 to serve some of the most needy children in the capital of Ethiopia. The creation of the school was inspired by Nathalie and Gareth Allexant-Rowland after first hearing about the work of Tesfa UK.

When the couple married in July 2008, instead of receiving wedding presents, they asked their wedding guests for donations so they could set up the new school in Mercato. In addition they held fundraising events with teacher colleagues and parents of pupils at Downton Primary School in Salisbury, where Nathalie is a teacher.

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