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Sponsoring a child costs just £15 a month. Through the Gift Aid program we can increase the value of your donation at no additional cost to yourself.

Old Sarum School is operated from and managed at the ground level. This allows us to remain focused and cost-effective.We hire only local, qualified teachers at an above average local wage and operate with minimal overheads. All of our support work outside of Ethiopia is done by volunteers.


grassroots approach provides the maximum benefit to children and, importantly, to people like you who support our work.

All of the money donated by sponsors goes directly toward that child’s education. None of the money goes toward the charity’s central administration costs. We fundraise separately for these.

You will receive updates about your sponsored child’s progress, information about the school, its activities and developments. We are a small charity and are keen for our sponsors to be engaged with our work. 

In Ethiopia, a child’s education provides real hope for their whole family.

We are asking you to provide that hope and help us to keep the Old Sarum school in the Mercato district of Addis Ababa open by sponsoring a child. The Tesfa Foundation selects only children from the poorest, most disadvantaged neighbourhoods.

Without our help none of these children would receive an education. All of them live in extreme poverty.

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