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About us


With partnership comes responsibility and accountability. Our fundraising initiatives are monitored and evaluated closely by Tesfa-USA. Likewise, through a funding contract, Tesfa-UK monitors the schools it raise funds for.

The in-built checks and balances we have developed will ensure that complacency and opportunism do not get in the way of providing real hope to the poorest Ethiopian children and their families.

For more information, go to www.tesfa.org

Tesfa-UK is an independent UK charity dedicated to improving life chances for the poorest children in Ethiopia.

We do this by working in partnership with The Tesfa Foundation-USA. Tesfa-USA develops early childhood education centres in the poorest parts of Ethiopia.

Why we work in partnership with Tesfa-USA

Tesfa Foundation-USA hires local Ethiopian teachers and staff to work in its early childhood education centres. Staff earn a good local wage.The foundation works within the childrens' communities. This is different from most charities operating in Ethiopia.

Typically, charity workers live in the more prosperous areas of Addis Ababa, rarely leaving their compounds and managing their projects from a distance. Tesfa-USA develops a real relationship with the children, maintaining daily contact with their parents or carers.

A dynamic partnership
Our partnership with Tesfa Foundation-USA is a dynamic response to the urgent need for high-quality early childhood education for the poorest children in Ethiopia.

Our fundraising initiatives seek to develop educational value at every level. Our learning partnership programme twinning UK schools with early childhood education centres and our UK Ethiopian programme are examples of this.

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